Bia Doria

Sustainable Contemporary Art

Bia Doria Artist in nature has the raw material and the subject of their work. She works with management of forest residues, rescued native tree fires, deforestation, bottom of rivers and dams. From north to south of Brazil, she runs, pierces, recovers. Facets, breeding and care.

Developing their own creations, with a lot of innovation within your imagination identifies as ideal forms of nature.

The sculptures of Bia Doria are sensitive and seeking the expansion of consciousness, a space invention of flora forms. "They are difficult materials to be worked out," says Bia.

"They need special care, from hygiene to its preservation is therefore a lengthy drafting process. I identify with this raw material, is a permanent change, starting in tact and remains as long as I find the form that hides the dialog that nature gives me. "Adds the artist ...

Bia creates and re-creates his works not only with aesthetics, but also with ecological engagement, showing through his art the concern with the environment and, above all warn of disasters in Brazil and worldwide.